Why it’s important to identify the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your Brand

BrandingMar, 22 2018

The difference between X product and Y product would become blurred. Imagine when products are more or less identical, creating an imperfect market where established producers would have no reason to fear competition, apparently because they make the same things as their competitors. In such a scenario, price becomes a sole determining feature of product differentiation, never mind as quality couldn’t be properly discerned due to clichéd marketing methods.

Which is why determining your product’s USP could make or break your brand image. There’s no incentive for a customer with multitude of options to defect to your brand, unless marketing communication sublimely induces such a change.

Unique Selling Proposition works as follows:

  • It differentiates your product from the rest.
  • The price factor plays a lesser role in product purchase decisions.
  • USP acts as a marketing tool and creates a distinct brand identity.

Take for example Nike Brand. Their logo and tagline,”Just Do it” stands out apart from others. The psychological reasoning behind its USP lies in it being distinct, purposeful, action-oriented and straightforward blunt. In this way, a brand has evolved a personality of its own. It becomes an animated commercial entity, possessing traits of anthropological nature which can be understood and perceived by an ordinary consumer. The result is that Nike is a global sports industry, generating revenues in billions and sponsoring Football clubs.

Your Brand and tagline are the primary drivers of sublime communication that affects the subconscious mind of a consumer. They are but the voice and the character of your company.

In order to create a USP that is relevant to your business and leads to the purchase of your products, it should be short and concise, and achieve the following:

  • It must explain what your company promises
  • It instils trust in potential customers
  • It emphasise product quality and benefit
  • It leads to customer interest and sales conversions

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