Why does your Business need a Brand Story?

BrandingFeb, 23 2018

Consider advertisements on television that just show you the type and name of the product directly instead of the usual 15-30 seconds video. Would you actually be interested in buying that product just by the appeal of its name? The answer is NO. We are so attuned to watching the video and then decide whether we like the product based on what we see. That is how huge the role of brand story is when it comes to marketing your product on any platform.

A brand story is the solid narrative or plot that brings about an emotional reaction in favor of your brand. Instead of traditional advertising, which only showed your brand, brand story is a step ahead where it portrays the heart and soul of your brand.

Humans by nature are social beings who prefer interacting and engaging with others. And today’s companies target the same to create a strong image in the society.

If competitors did not differentiate their products or services in the market place or if the consumers perceived it to be the same, the profits would go down to bare minimum level. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for a brand to distinguish its product or service from its competitors. To do so, brand stories can be a major aid as it instigates a positive emotional response for the brand, which leads to customer loyalty eventually.

The finest brand stories are captivating and provocative in a way that motivates your target audience to hear and respond effortlessly. Take Airbnb, for example. Its brand story says it is a trusted community marketplace for consumers to list, discover and reserve unique accommodations for unique travel experiences. In a nutshell, it gives a feeling of being home. In addition, because of this exclusive brand story, Airbnb has challenged the hotel industry and completely redefined the experience, thus having a community of loyal customers.

“People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic.”

- Seth Godin

A brand story is a marketing message, a sales pitch, a brand’s guiding principles, and it influences every facet of the organization. Thus, you can easily deduce brand story as a valuable marketing asset for any organization.

Your brand story can convey not only what your company stands for but also what you promise the customers to provide. It brings your brand to life and provides that distinct competitive edge. Brand story can help you position your brand as private and elite yet accessible to the target audience at an ease. Though you cannot control all the aspects of a brand story, you can define your core values and ethics that empower the brand as a whole. This, when conveyed via a good brand story, would compel your target audience to bring about an exceptional positive response towards your brand.

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