Ways to feel more energized at work

BrandingApr, 16 2018

With family, work and travel priorities in this ever changing, fast pacing life, people go through a lot of stress on a day-to-day basis.

By the night time, we are so exhausted from a day’s work that we feel like all the energy has been drained out of the body.

All we wait for is a relaxing holiday or vacation break to take a cessation from the mundane life we have.

Nevertheless, there are a few ways to feel more energized throughout the work day that might help all of you:

1. Employ your senses to work

After a rough previous night, it’s usually hard for some of us to stay awake the next morning at work. The drowsy feeling does not leave the brain that easily and we end up staring at the computer screen instead of concentrating on the job at hand. Studies suggest that try targeting the sensory areas that send alert signals to our brain, like pressing your earlobes and the skin between the thumb and forefinger. You can also move around more often to keep the blood flow running and try not to crank up the temperature and make the environment cozy for you to go to sleep.

2. Exercise in the morning-

The best way to feel more energized all day long would be to get into physical workouts every morning. If you have an early meeting and are running out of time, you can always go for a quick 2-7 minutes workout. Check out the workout videos that make you do pushups, squats and a few other rigorous exercises that drive away the sluggish feeling and prepare you for the long day ahead.

3. Plan around your energy peaks

The time after your lunch break is usually the most lull period when you start feeling a tad bit tired and calm. A recent study recommended that try to keep the non-thinking activities and the tasks that require running errands around that time which would be the most effective way to make the most out of the day. And schedule the important meetings first thing in the morning when you are starting your day afresh.

4. Listen to music

This might be the most common way of diverting your over stressed mind at times. When you concentrate for longer period of time, the exhaustion caused by that can be overcome by listening to light, instrumental music which relaxes your mind.

5. Rest your brain

Worked up brain can cause stress levels to increase in our body, which in turn is not good for our health. Meditation is one of the best ways to do rest your brain. It not only soothes the mind, but it also refreshes your mind and gives you that extra positive motivation for the rest of the day.

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