Top Instagram Accounts You can Follow For Branding Inspiration

DigitalMar, 09 2018

Instagram is a rising platform that allows digital content, especially photography to be uploaded, curated and shared instantly. Since the time of its inception, user figures have exponentially exploded. This Social media tool is perfect for many companies to market and exhibit their products easily and in manner that has allowed massive spreading. A large number of websites have come up around Instagram which has the most potential for marketing propagation. Here, we discuss the Top 5 Instagram Brands making a huge kill:

1. Starbucks

With 9 million users, Starbucks has made a buck for every bang posts they’ve come up with. Their successful method lies on coaxing users to share their coffee time moments through images which allows Starbucks to promote their own brands effectively. Their creative posts and hashtags are legendary and always up for discussions by prominent marketing experts.

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2. Louis Vuitton

Possessing more than 20 million followers, Loius Vuitton is famous for their celebrity images and every day fashion they are adorned with. But, they don’t restrict themselves with this only. They also share their CSR activities posts, company work ethics posts etc. The result is that audience tends to reshare their posts because of the relatable factor.

3. Vogue

Another power house instagram Brand. With around 17 million followers, they are the ultimate fashion magazine, where the buck stops and all discussion ceases for it to speak up. Their iconic photography is a great attraction factor which explains their success.

4. Ben & Jerry’s

Enough with powerhouse brands and their huge numbers. Ben & Jerry’s is one such brand that has started from nothing and has made its mark in the insta-world with their pictures and witty commentary. Their ice-cream products are depicted with not just wonderful images but also eclectic product names.

5. Chubbies

There are a lot of fashion brands for women on instagram, but for men, there’s Chubbies. For male buddies, this is a tongue in cheek, witty instagram account, describing the latest fashion trends. A perfect metropolitan brand for men in this digital age.

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