The Revolution of Social media For Businesses

DigitalNov, 20 2017

Humans by nature are social beings who prefer interacting and engaging with others. And today’s companies target the same to create a strong image in the society.

“Social networks represent the digital reflection of what humans do: we connect and share.”

- Jeremiah Owyang, Partner at Altimeter Group

Companies now focus on marketing via social media to be the top priority. Every small and large organization tries to make its presence felt by various social mediums, and so, when the word social media pops up; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube and Google+ are a few of the many examples of how influential it has become today.

Word of mouth marketing has and will always be prevalent in the list of different tactics of marketing, which becomes the primary focus of Social media.

More and more popularity of a product or a service is gained through the above mentioned social media sites. Brands can be omnipresent via use of these networks.

Creators of Instagram- Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have been constantly posting their personal as well as professional photographs on their Instagram accounts, since they understand that customers tend to connect with social media profiles more easily.

And so to follow the lead, we can find almost every celebrity or multi-millionaire businessman tweeting and sharing information.

Social media brings a company closer to its clients by eliminating a third party interference. People can give honest reviews about the brands on various forums and blogs. These, if taken in the positive manner helps a brand understand the need and requirements of its customers.

From free ads posting in 2007 to paid advertisement by 2012, Facebook took the brands by surprise conveying the message of how important the Social media has become to promote any brand.

Initially people viewed Facebook and twitter as social networks only instead of marketing networks.

Gradually brands started utilizing the platform which engaged billions of people, in a way that they could tap their needs and respond accordingly. For example, Facebook ads allows brands to target its audience by getting access through their demographic profile, their past purchase history and the pages liked.

Brands like Kate Spade, Versace, Gucci, Bulgari, Christian Louboutin etc are some of the examples that show to effectively make use of social media by projecting their new products on it before the products actually make it to the stores.

The making of their products and the live video streams of their fashion shows have made a huge impact on the brand’s presence and awareness globally.

Thus, when researchers mention the advantages of social media- increased brand recognition to improved brand loyalty that results in higher conversion rate- construe with the real time cases.

Social media has grabbed a lot of attention on the customer end, with incredible potential which if understood by brands can bring about more changes than seen and experienced.

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