Six Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2018

DigitalApr, 30 2018

If you are a successful company, a large portion of the success is credited to the marketing team. Even a mediocre idea can earn millions of dollars, if marketed in the right way.

To allure new customers and retain the current customers, the marketing potential of the business must be of utmost importance. But companies often make minute marketing mistakes which cost the company a lot of money and loss of customers.

Below listed are the six commonplace marketing mistakes that businesses make which can be avoided:

1. Ignoring Content

Keeping the content updated with the latest trends is very significant. Content has always been and will always be the prominent part of marketing for a company. Relevant information and quality of the content helps keep the customers engaged to the company’s doings.

2. Not using data effectively

Instead of using marketing strategy that is applied by all or not being innovative in the marketing approach could hinder the growth of the company eventually. Sorting out the required data from the pool of information gathered, analyzing the data meticulously, and then using the necessary data to design the marketing efforts is the best way to plan your marketing strategies.

3. Not developing a proper marketing plan

For any marketing efforts, planning is required before execution. A lot of companies rush into the process of marketing by acting spontaneously without a well-defined plan of action. Clearly stating the marketing goals, promotion channels and budget allocated for the task is necessary.

4. Marketing on wrong channels

Even after having the most effective marketing plan, businesses might not get the desired response and result. The mistake here is that of not identifying how to reach the target audience. If the channels that the business is promoted on does not connect the customers to the company, the marketing plan would be useless. Conduct surveys and evaluate the respective channels that would convey your marketing efforts to your customers in the most effective way.

5. Failure to convert leads into customers

The purpose of the marketing team is to get leads or prospects and ultimately convert them into loyal customers. This can happen only with the marketing plan includes consistent communication efforts and sharing of high value content which helps build a rapport with the prospects.

6. Failure to track or measure marketing efforts

A part of marketing plan should also include periodic evaluation of marketing results. Only when a company measures the results in terms of the achievement of objectives, the scope of improvement would be more as well.

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