Brand Building & eCommerce Website Design


Firstinks is a company, primarily comprising of inks and toners to be sold for your printing needs. They excel in quality products for every single need of your copier or office/home printers. Their prices are nominal and their products excel quality. What they intended to showcase was an equal amount of work and customer services for even simple ink and toner products. They wanted to bring forward a rich buying experience for such products as well, along with a hint of seamless touch on their website. They wanted to ensure prime customer services for their simple products as well.


Their prime focus was on the basic consumer services one expects in all sorts of online shopping experiences to be incorporated with the same dedication on their products for inks and toners as well.

Quicker ordering services followed by quick deliveries; best available price in the market; quality assurance and commitment to authenticity were the key factors Firstinks claimed to hold pride in.


To develop a long-term business growth and evolvement, Om Infosolutions provided Firstinks with key performance indicators that helped them measure customer satisfaction and improve their customer-relationship management; eventually leading in a positive scale of growth.


Selling different products is one thing; becoming a company primarily known for selling those products is called a ‘Brand’. Firstinks intended to do exactly the same with their highlighted products, and so they did.

We gave them a website that exceptionally showcased fine authenticity, trust and quality assurance of the inks and toners. They stand apart in their genre of business and have not looked back ever since.