Omni-Channel The New Normal

DigitalMar, 05 2018

Before we divulge into the details of omni-channel marketing, let us understand what the term means. “Omni” has been derived from the Latin word “Omnis” which means for “every/all”, which means that omni-channel is an amalgamation of all the online and offline channels of shopping experience that offers a unified customer experience. Putting your product on more channels will directly affect the increase in the revenue, through the help of omni-channel marketing.

Online shopping is now gaining as much prominence as in-store shopping. With giants like, who have narrowed their business down to online only experience, customers are more and more acquainted with the use of online shopping. The new, emerging buyers require personalized approach where the retailers must understand the needs and provide a seamless customer experience. There is no doubt that any business is customer centric only, but omni-channel approach takes customer centricity to a diverse level by collecting and analyzing the information on customers obtained via other channels.

The benefits of omni-channel from consumer point of view are: easy access to product browsing on the smart phones, facility to save your shopping preferences for future reference, recommendations designed according to your preferences, and discounts and promotions availed on your shopping cart.

The above mentioned advantages of omni-channel are not only for the customers, but it becomes easy for the company to provide an optimized, effortless, high quality customer experience. And as we all know, a satisfied customer is always going to be a loyal customer. A commonplace example to simplify that would be- whenever I go to a typical pizza joint and repeatedly order the same pizza for a couple of times, it makes me happy when the waiter remembers my usual order the next time I visit. Similarly, not only does the use of omni-channel help you remember every purchase you made across any channels, but it also modifies and displays products according to your taste and preferences. So now instead of going to the pizza joint, I can order a pizza online in less than 2 minutes via the mobile app or website.

Omni-channel approach has proven to fill the gap between online and offline customer experience and to exemplify it, let’s take Neiman Marcus as our example. In its dynamic effort to make omni-channel experience as seamless as possible, Neiman Marcus innovated in its tech offerings, with tools like in-store “Memory Mirror” and “Snap.Find.Shop” app. With the help of this app, customers can upload a photo of a product that they like, which is then run against the Neiman Marcus database using smart image recognition. If they find the same or something similar, the customer can purchase it online right away.

Om infosolutions is dedicated to keep customers moving around the channels that results in a profound impact on customer experience and the bottom line. We can help you set your brand up for longevity and stability in this rapidly-changing market.

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