Om Infosolutions just got a revamp!

NewsOct, 13 2016

Growth entails evolvement

Few weeks back, we, at Om Infosolutions, brainstormed about what different aspect of innovation we could instil in our process now. “We innovate every day, but it was time for something major now, something different,” notes our proud Founder, Hardik Trivedi. “Trends shift, technology advances and hence the website needed to be synced accordingly.”

That is when we narrowed it down to our website design- it needed to be revamped! Our previous design had done complete justice towards its purpose of being resourceful and managed to generate 530+ leads for the company in 4 years. It held the right appeal, catered to the ongoing trends in the market and matched the mindful attraction of people.

Change is the only constant

Despite the success of the previous design, change was inevitable and hence, we revamped the entire look and design in terms of our redefined work and services, the revolutionized market environment and latest appeal towards the people. It took detailed reasoning, time, newer designing and a whole lot of content restructuring to narrow down a concept, look and feel that best suits the upcoming needs and expectations of the people.

Wider field of work and services

Along with the website makeover, our work ethics and services took a shift too. Besides the conventional modern approaches of marketing and consulting, we have incorporated the efficient tools for branding. With personal expertise on the matter, our approach and concepts have evolved, which has led to a wider understanding of what we do as a company, leading to which we provide quality branding schemes. Above all, lies the “Growth Factor” that we are incorporating with our services for our clients.

A bigger family

Alongside the aforementioned, our manpower has increased in size as well. We have more number of executives and professionals working together, with varying skillsets, towards a common goal of Evolvement.

Improved business, growing clientele

Our clientele has flourished over time with the diversity in work and environment that we hold and upgrade each day. We have tied up with more number of agencies and led ourselves towards a growth pattern of work and people.

More work, more space

Following which, our portfolio has increased as well. Our website, as one would see, holds more number of insights than before, showcasing our approach towards work we are proud of, henceforth demanding new space for showcasing themselves.

Evidently, when our Services, People and Company has grown in leaps and bounds, we needed a bigger platform to showcase our Team and their Efforts, which brought us towards the shift the revamping process in the first place!

With a newer design, we have provided better connectivity to the customers in terms of the work we’ve done so far, along with that what we do, and a better understanding of who we are, at Om Infosolutions. But, this is not the end, there’s still more to come!

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