Mistakes that startups make in a hurry to scale up

BrandingMar, 27 2018

Some of the world’s top most entrepreneurs turned an idea into reality by working immensely hard towards delivering on their dreams with sufficient profits.

But all the fame and success didn’t come upon them overnight. They started from scratch and went up the ladder of success gradually.

This has a lot to do with avoiding commonplace mistakes that startups make while expanding their operations.

A few mistakes are listed below:

1. Escalating across verticals simultaneously

One milestone at a time is the way to succeed. Rather than doing too many things at a time, focusing on one aspect of the business is better as the concentration would be more. One vertical at a time increases the attentiveness instead of doing disparate, multiple tasks simultaneously. If your startup cannot handle the pressure of working with multiple verticals at the same time, it could lead to loss of sales and profit.

2. Not investing in the right facet

Startups face this situation many times when the entrepreneurs do not identify the need for right tools that help to get the work done quickly and in an efficient manner. Tools like data analytics, chatbots, automation and monitoring tools are a few that are the most basic ones to invest in. The investment in technology should be done at the right place and on the necessary things. Startups tend to misidentify the needs of the business and spend money on the features that might not require the additional resource, missing out on the much needed ones. This leads to inefficiency at the work place and loss to the company eventually.

3. Rushing in recruitment

Hiring wrong and unfit staff in a rush to fill vacant positions could cost the company a lot more than you think. Building a team of people that work with zeal and commitment would take the company to a new level of success. Apart from the appropriate educational qualifications, you might want to recruit professionals who are highly skilled and qualified for the position.

4. Fixating on expansion from day one

When initiating your business, the principal priority should be establishing the brand in the market and expanding the customer base before climbing on to the other sub-markets. Expansion of the business should be the ultimate goal instead of the primary focus from the very first day of starting up. When you do not concentrate on the present goals from day one, the future goals are eventually affected.

5. Not leveraging business intelligence

Business intelligence refers to the process of analyzing big data and designing data driven strategies. This helps the business to elevate decision making, eliminate errors and provide returns in a short time span. So to take the advantage of BI, startups should hire a good BI consultant and see the positive impact in no time.

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