Importance of Branding for your Business

BrandingDec, 01 2017

Listen to the words such as ‘Apple’ or  ‘Ford’ or ‘Microsoft’ and one can easily picture an image associated with it. The simplicity of association of images with these words is the very stuff of all brand recognition.

These iconic brands have such recognition and social acceptance that they don’t need to spend another dollar to market their upcoming products. It is a case of established name that acts as a marketing multiplier, creating barriers to entry for newer competition.

But then, once upon a time, they weren’t so much known and neither were their names on the lips of the multitude.

Like many, their origins were of humble background and it took a few years for them to catch up in the world of marketing and product promotion.

Unlike in the past, today’s firms face much greater entry challenges. There are many examples of firms with quality products or services yet, most of them are unknown and have faded away with the passage of time.

In such situations, customers are faced with a difficult choice of too many options, unlike in the past when there were few. There could be a marginal quality difference between firm A and firm B but that is immaterial to a consumer mind, bombarded with too many options from X firms or Y firms.

Which is why brand recall plays a pivotal role in shifting customer preferences. This is a result of multiple branding efforts ranging from social media propagation, commercial ad spending or excellent dealer referral network and most of all, your own Brand logo and image.

“Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable & trustable.”

- John Jantsch

Your brand icon and your brand slogan must be catchy and should have a quick recall time for it to be effective. Branding is not supposed to be an empty exercise in self-expression.

It must exude a personality, not distinct from the firm it is supposed to represent. Much thought should go into what kind of logo to choose and what subliminal meaning it reveals.

For example, a swan-like logo is perfect for Airline companies or A fish-like logo is apt for a maritime firm.

Company slogans should describe company personality in a simplistic form.

A good, digital agency with experience copywriters can help clients and business owners decide how to propagate company products and services, in manner that reveals a personal touch.

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