How well has your New Year begun?

NewsFeb, 01 2018

All of us have welcomed the New Year with excitement and exhilaration. But, how many of us have actually reviewed all the things and goals that we achieved last year? How many of us have actually started working towards the new goals and activities that we set out for this fresh year? It is already a month past in this year and many of us are still struggling with making new commitments for this year.

There are a few ways to make this year the most powerful and productive for you:

1. Achievements

List all the important areas of your life and then begin with writing down your achievements in those specific areas made in 2017. Now when you look back at the achievements you have made so far in the last year, it gives a sense of responsibility as to what have you done so far in this year. This feeling itself gives you more audacity to come up with new list of achievements to concur this year.

2. Acknowledge your efforts

- It is also essential to review your achievements and efforts that you put into practice and appreciate all that you have done. Time and again, you should be introspective and positively motivate yourself by thinking of all the good work you have done.

3. Hold onto what’s important

When you re-evaluate your life goals, you might have noticed that we might end up deviating from our core goal in the process of achieving it. So, when you assess what all you have achieved, try and connect what areas of your life matter to you and in those areas, what have you accomplished. Being aware of what all you missed and what all is trivial, will help you focus more on the current goals.

4. Make a new plan

This strategy requires you to identify the “what” and “how” of any goal or promise that you want to commit to. Make an action plan and work on it every day. Inculcate it into your routine and set small, attainable goals. Do not be disappointed if you face any problems in the process, as it is all a learning experience afterall. It all boils down to your intentions and actions, and, you will achieve all that you set out for in the time you have predefined.

Make the best out of this year and set out new expedition for yourself!

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