Making Organic Shopping Easier, Smoother


If there’s one word that can’t define fashion, it is ‘boring’, and neither should the brand carrying that fashion. Our client here needed to uplift their style game in order to take organic fashion at par with the regular one. And provided, we love a challenge, we never run out of ideas to transform a concept because we closely follow trends and understand people’s needs.


Their e-commerce platform needed a structure that was easy to understand, suitably user-friendly and made shopping and checking out procedure smoother. It needed a feminine touch to its personality to appeal to its audience in the best possible way and lead to quick checkouts on every visit.


Om Infosolutions designed and developed an online shopping stage that best suited the need of the client, moreover catered towards attracting their clients ahead. We instilled a structure that ensured faster checkouts and easier purchases.

Being early adopters of the responsive designing concept, Synergy has been one of the very few early birds with a responsive website.

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