Unraveling Customer Engagement Tactics


Drinking a beverage is more than just a liquid form of consumption; it involves a mental connection, a social interaction and a physical boost- all interconnected with the beverage and its capability to stand true to its duty.

Similarly, drinking tea is equally personal to one’s experience. 8Tea5 aimed at making that experience subtly invigorating, engaging and worth the penny. They wanted customers to receive exactly what they appealed through the website, and feel the rush in their life after consuming 8Tea5, in order to stay interested in their beverage.


When you intend to affect emotions and energy, you have to hit the exact spot through your brand. Using design technology, Om Infosolutions created an effective platform for product display for 8Tea5 and gave an incentive to people to feel the euphoria of trying their Tea. We added a header video slider titled “That Moment” that perfectly captures the attention of the user at the first glance of the website.

We also took a step forward attempting to get personal with Tearistas and people about their likes and choices.


There was nearly 40% drop in Bounce rates. The average session duration doubled to nearly 3.30 minutes and the personal, Tearista recommendations have led to consumers obtaining better choices, hence resulting in their frequent visits.

People find themselves at home with the taste, feel and experience of 8Tea5 and have discovered an enrapturing blend with the tastes on 8Tea5 on their tongues.

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