Difference between 'audience' and 'your audience'

BrandingSep, 26 2016

Not all herds are your people

A brand or company may have thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but what we fail to recognize is that how many of those followers actually buy the company’s products. In this case, all those followers aren’t the company’s target audience. It is crucial to understand the need for reaching out to the right target audience for your brand.

Locate your audience first

What’s the point of advertising your work and company out in the world if you spread it to the people least concerned with it? Good branding requires identification of individuals that fall in the category of who you have to offer your product to. The next step includes identifying what your audience truly needs and allocating resources within your company to ensure the best possible way to meet those needs. Once you’ve established this, there’s no turning back from a successful outcome.

Demographic condensing

The narrowing down process of allocating your resourcefulness to the right audience involves certain basic factors like age range, location boundaries and the varied interests. The demographics need to be condensed in order to ensure efficient branding.

Nowadays there are even measures to engage with the entire audience to know them better and locate the ones suitable for you. These include online and offline marketing solutions that help you understand your target users and lead you to reach out only the ones catering to your needs and vice versa. To also keep a track of your customers, their varying interests and numbers, analytics tools are available to cater to such information gathering – which ultimately in Inbound marketing.

The Experts

One of the categories that people fall into is the experts’ category. These are the people holding expertise in their field of business and also hold the power to reach out to the masses pertaining to their field. Many businesses with great concepts and products have failed due to the reason of not understanding their right audience. Hence, it is best advised to consult professionals who have hands-on experience in the field.

The Opportunists

Other category includes the opportunists. If your products entail at a price-based quality, these people are your prey. Opportunists are those that stay at par with the overall ongoing trends and prices and tend to be drawn towards better quality with affordable priced products. They include the larger masses and are one of the big fishes you can catch.

The Loyalty Clan

Another category includes the loyalty clan. These people stay true to their brands no matter what and are the most sought after. Once you convince them to rely on you, there’s no turning back. Such people are the basis of your ever growing success and you should try having the most of the loyalty clan that you can.

Audiences are wide spread and they are who make you or break you. Seek them wisely and they’ll take you ahead by leaps, choose wrongly and you are where you are, for so long.It’s you as a decision maker to decide – “Which audience is Yours?”

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